​​​​​​Do I offer readings?

ABSOLUTELY!   Contact me today!

Or perhaps you desire to learn how to read for yourself?

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I offer individual or group lessons on all areas of cartomancy including Tarot, Lenormand, and Playing Card divination!  

Topics offered for either an individual or classroom basis include one or more of the following areas of interest:   

- The history and cultural impact of one or all areas of cartomancy;


- investigation of  in which ways each cartomancy selection differs and in what ways they are the same;   

- comparisons between the varieties of tarot: Waite-Smith vs. Thoth vs.TdM.


There's NO END to what we can explore together!  Custom workshops are an option!

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Painting:  "Luna" by Geoff Tristram


​​​​Connection and introspection...through divination